New era: First real utility token for games.
Deflationary decentralized protocol that will change the world of gambling. With BetVerse, users will be able to hold an ever-growing token that delivers rewards while playing games.
Dapp + Token Launch: February 22
BetVerse is a decentralized protocol, capable of not stopping burning, growing and winning, called: Gambling 2.0.
With our protocol, just by holding, you can receive passive income, dividends every month and participate in the lotto for life, you can also play with BetVerse tokens and get great rewards, while they never don't stop burning.
$BTVS is a very useful token, which runs on the Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain that will make their users capital's work and grow safely.
It never stops growing by using true deflationary mechanisms and increased revenue generation for the ecosystem to reward its holders in different ways.
We will launch multiple games that will contribute with the burning of $BTVS and give it more utility. Therefore, the more people play, $BTVS will go up.
In other words, together with gambling 2.0 and $BTVS, it is not necessary to gamble to obtain incomes, allowing greater security and low risks. BetVerse has a strong community at its core and is your ticket to great rewards.
Last modified 9mo ago