How it works?
Suppose you are an investor interested in buying $BTVS. The first thing you should do is go to the DEX of your preference, and buy on the pair of your choice; with this simple step you will already be contributing to the liquidity and burning of tokens, you also will receive a 5% cashback in the currency of your choice and will be participating in the lotto too.
$BTVS will be very useful to you, because you can use it to play in our DApp and win great prizes. But you must also remember that for the simple fact of keeping them in your wallet, they will be generating you a monthly dividend, that you can get directly to your wallet.
The multiple games are key for $BTVS to rise in price, since they directly contribute to the burning of $BTVS, giving it more utility. Therefore, the more people play, $BTVS will go up.
So your money will always be constantly growing.
In case you want to cash in your tokens at some point you can do it in the same way at the DEX of your preference, which in turn will generate some fees that will contribute to the ecosystem and raise the price of the token, and deliver rewards to users who remain holders.
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