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Why BetVerse?: The problem

One of the main problems that many projects face is the lack of long-term volume; which invariably slows down further development and any subsequent reinvestment to improve the project. However, at present, many projects have no real utility, consequently, they obtained a rather short life. DeFi, and other sectors have advanced, (DeFi 1.0 > DeFI 2.0) and the world of Gambling, which gets a lot of volume, has been abandoned and there has been no more innovation in it.
$BTVS, solves this problem: In the DeFi world, there are thousands of projects that quickly fail due to not providing a real utility, and a real solution to the crypto world and its community. BetVerse wants to innovate in every way, together with an aggressively deflationary DeFi protocol, with the aim that its users and holders can obtain passive income just by holding our token, however, that is not all, BetVerse allows its users get even more income by participating in fairly simple games, thus creating a self-sustaining protocol called: Gambling 2.0. A deflationary protocol has been created with the objective that its users can obtain income, dividends, cashbacks, rewards, lotto, utility NFTs, and more, while tokens are burned, liquidity is increased, and $BTVS rises in price. In addition, it is inverted to percentage of the marketing wallet in profitable assets; with the inherently generated profits reintroduced into the project in the form of marketing, token buybacks, etc. Thus, increasing the profile of the project and attracting new investors.