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Deflationary Mechanisms

🔥 All the games contribute directly to the burning of $BTVS giving it more utility. Therefore, the more people play, $BTVS will go up.
🔥Automatic burning when users buys $BTVS
🔥Automatic burning when users sells $BTVS
🔥A fee of 5% of the prize prediction prize pool is charged and used to burn $BTVS
🔥A fee of 10% of the lotto prize is charged to burn $BTVS tokens
🔥A 3% fee is charged when farming on the BetVerse platform
🔥Users keep $BTVS to participate in the lottery taking them out of the market
🔥Users hold $BTVS to earn monthly dividends by taking them out of the market
🔥When users reinvest their passive income
🔥Perpetual burning
🔥High sell fee benefiting holders
🔥16% collected from utility NFTs is used to burn $BTVS tokens
🔥Fee in the NFTs Marketplace will be used to burn $BTVS tokens
🔥Anti whale protocol