Ways to earn with BetVerse
BatVerse is synonymous with utility, as more people play, $BTVS will go up.
🤑Holding $BTVS
🤑Monthly dividends directly to your wallet
🤑Buying BetVerse Utility NFTs
🤑Get passive income trading $BTVS
🤑Participating in the Lotto
🤑Participating in the prediction game
🤑Farming $BTVS
🤑Staking $BTVS
🤑When tokens are burned
🤑When other users add liquidity
🤑When other users buy $BTVS
🤑When other users sell $BTVS
🤑Reinvesting profits from Farming / Staking and passive income
🤑Anti-whale protocol
The multiple games are key for $BTVS to rise in price, since they directly contribute to the burning of $BTVS, giving it more utility. Therefore, the more people play, $BTVS will go up.
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